Hot work license

Everybody that use fire or are around fire in the workplace are required to have a Hot work license. These stages include: welding, burning or arc cutting, metal grinding and the use of naked flame or hot air gun.
The training focuses on ensuring safe working conditions. The aim of the training are that the card recipient will be able to comply with safety policies at work and to promoting a culture of safety in the workplace. The license has to be renewed every 5 years. Supervisiors of Hot Work are also required to have a Hot Work license.

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Occupational safety card

The Occupational safety card has been developed to secure and streamline work on joint projects, which may employ workers from several companies. The card ensures that the cardholder contribute to safety at work and that he has basic knowledge of occupational safety and the right attitude to help reduce work-related accidents and incidents.

An Occupational safety card is voluntary, but most companies require subcontractors and partners have the card in order to ensure quality and safety of the project.


The course takes about 8 hours. The course is arranged according to custom request (e.g. at customers own facilities, A-Korttikouluttajan facilities or a rental space)

Courses can take place in Finland or by request we are prepared to travel to a location in Europe.

A-Korttikouluttaja in a nutshell

The trainer at A-Korttikouluttaja has 16 years of experience in safety. He has undergone marine firefighter training and shipsafety training and has 5 years of experience in Hot work license courses, with the aility to perfrom the training in 3 languages (Finnish, English and German).